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How Do I Learn More about Antonio Villaraigosa’s History and Accomplishments?

Antonio Villaraigosa has a long history of serving the people of California.

Antonio began his work in his mid-twenties when he was elected President of the American Federation of Government Employees, a local union representing employees who enforced civil rights laws in five states. Over the next fifteen years, he continued to work as a union organizer.

In 1994, Antonio Villaraigosa was elected to the California State Assembly and three years later was elected Assembly Speaker. He went on to serve on the Los Angeles City Council in 2003, and in 2005 he was sworn in as the 41st Mayor of Los Angeles, where he served until 2013.

As mayor, he led an effort to make Los Angeles one of the safest big cities in America, while building a 21st century transportation system, achieving far-reaching education reform, spurring economic development by eliminating government red tape, streamlining the city bureaucracy and making Los Angeles a national model of sustainability and green growth.

Today, Antonio Villaraigosa is running to be California’s next governor because he believes that we need to bring the state together around a shared vision – lifting more families into the middle class and creating high-wage jobs by improving our schools and investing in our infrastructure like roads, bridges, transportation, ports and waterways. Antonio is confident that we can rebuild a California that gives every family the chance to succeed.

You can learn more about Antonio Villaraigosa, his life and his long history of serving California here.