To restore the luster of the California dream – to thrive as a state – we have to make sure that we’re growing together. California is the 6th largest economy in the world, but we also have the highest effective poverty rate in the country. We can’t leave so many people behind.
California needs a leader focused every single day on growing our economy. We have so many unanswered needs, but we have one clear answer – create more high-wage jobs. Creating millions more high-wage jobs starts with making sure our state is investing in our schools, colleges and universities, our healthcare, roads, rail, housing and water infrastructure – which are the basic building blocks of a strong economy.
We live in a progressive state, but California can’t truly be progressive unless we are making progress for everyone. To be truly progressive, we need a constant and consistent focus on closing the gap between rich and poor by lifting more Californians into the middle class and keeping them there.


It’s a tale of two Californias, one coastal and thriving, one inland and still suffering the effects of the Great Recession. That’s why we need to rethink our one-size-fits-all approach to economic policy and regulation.
A policy that might make sense in Silicon Valley doesn’t necessarily make a difference in Fresno. A regulation that is a small annoyance for a thriving business on the west side of Los Angeles could be a job killer for an industry in the Inland Empire. Here’s a plan that will solve it.


Education is often called the great equalizer — putting all kids on a level playing field and giving them an equal shot at a good life. But American education is still unequal and inadequate for too many young people. But the good news is with the right mix of smart policies – and a little courage – we can fix it.


California has the highest effective poverty rate in the nation, in large part due to our high cost of housing. But the good news is that addressing our housing shortage will help lift millions of families into the middle class – because it will lower the overall cost of housing for everyone and will also create hundreds of thousands of new high-wage construction jobs.


California has long been synonymous with innovation, multiculturalism and our palm-tree-lined version of the American Dream. The secret to our success is that we attract the brightest minds from all over the world. We are a nation of immigrants, and treating undocumented people with dignity and respect is not just the right thing to do morally – it is the prudent thing to do financially.
President Trump launched his career in business, and any sensible businessperson should focus on the bottom line. The bottom line is clear: without the work and contributions of immigrants, our state would be in deep economic trouble.


Protecting healthcare for millions of Californians takes more than a press release and a slogan – it takes a real plan. The very first priority of our next governor must be to stand up to Republicans in Washington and preserve – and expand – the Affordable Care Act.


The importance of transportation infrastructure for American society cannot be overstated. Our highway system, ports, airports and railroads are the arteries of the California economy – moving goods, services and workers inside cities and between states.


As President Donald Trump continues to try and implement his vision of a much smaller federal government, it is up to all Americans to work with him where we can and defend our values where we must.
One of the most powerful ways we can defend our people is to make sure we are uniting with other cities and states to advance and preserve policies that help us meet the challenges put forth by the Trump administration.