Antonio Villaraigosa Challenges Gavin Newsom to Debate SB 562

Antonio Villaraigosa Challenges Gavin Newsom to Debate SB 562

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For Immediate Release
March 5, 2018


Says the people of California need a real plan, not name-calling

Los Angeles, CA — Today, former Speaker of the State Assembly and 41st Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa challenged Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom to debate the merits of Senate Bill 562 (SB562).

Healthcare is currently a front and center issue in the campaign for Governor of California, in particular the proposed legislation SB562. The bill would end Medicare as we know it and ban successful health plans like Kaiser – forcing all Californians into a single state-run health insurance system.

Said Mayor Villaraigosa:

“I challenge Gavin Newsom to debate the actual details of SB562. Enough with the slogans – it’s time to show real leadership and have a serious in-depth discussion.

“I’m offering him the opportunity to explain in detail how he plans to fund this new policy estimated to cost $400 billion and increase taxes by $200 billion. He should detail how he will persuade Donald Trump and a Republican Congress to grant California the necessary waivers for it to become a reality. He can explain to seniors that rely on life-saving Medicare, how SB562 will force them into a new state-run system.

“I have a record of supporting universal healthcare. As Assembly Speaker, I authored the Healthy Families program that provided healthcare coverage to 750,000 uninsured Californians. We passed it because it was sound policy.

“Newsom calls any attempt to demand details of his $200 billion tax increase and plan to force seniors off of Medicare as ‘defeatist.’ I call refusing to say how you will successfully persuade Californians to more than double their taxes while taking away their Medicare simply deceptive.

“I’m proud to stand with medical and policy leaders including Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, the California Medical Association, the California Association of Nurse Practitioners, the California Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians and the California Psychiatric Association in opposing SB 562.”