A Failing Grade on College Access

A Failing Grade on College Access

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The dedicated folks at the Campaign for College Opportunity have released a detailed report card this morning on access to college for Californians – and the results are sobering.

On key metrics like access to higher education and completion of college, California gets a failing grade. Only on one key metric – college preparation – do we earn an acceptable grade. And even on this important issue, there is much room for improvement.

To close the still growing gap between the rich and poor we need to dramatically increase access to college and lifelong learning and make sure students can earn degrees and certificates without crushing debt.

The foundation of attracting and retaining high-wage jobs is making sure we have highly trained workers ready for these jobs. According to this report, we must produce 1.7 million more degrees over the next decade.

That’s a big goal, but with the help of great advocates like the folks at the Campaign for College Opportunity, we can get there.

Find out more and read the full report at

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