BREAKING NEWS: Gavin Newsom Declined Gubernatorial Debate to Attend High-Dollar Fundraiser

BREAKING NEWS: Gavin Newsom Declined Gubernatorial Debate to Attend High-Dollar Fundraiser

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For Immediate Release
March 26, 2018


Among the many questions Gavin will not be able to answer tonight:

Why won’t he release his 2016 taxes?
Why did he turn over undocumented youth to ICE?
What taxes will he raise to pay the $400 billion cost of SB562?

Los Angeles, CA —Tonight, rather than answer the questions voters care about, Gavin Newsom will skip another Southern California debate to attend a high-dollar fundraiser just a few miles away in Pasadena – where guests will pay up to $5,000 a ticket.

“Gavin cancelled his participation at tonight’s debate to answer questions from high-dollar donors while refusing to answer important questions from everyday Californians,” said Antonio for California Communications Director Luis Vizcaino. “Perhaps Gavin is afraid to answer why he won’t release his 2016 tax returns or why he turned over undocumented youth to ICE agents.”

Just yesterday, Gavin skipped a debate in San Diego and has already declined another April debate in Fresno. He has also refused an invitation to a debate hosted by The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) in partnership with La Opinión and Telemundo, which will focus on the issues important to the immigrant community.

Here are just a few of the questions that will remain unanswered while Gavin continues ducking debates:

  1. Why won’t you release your 2016 tax returns like all of the other Democratic candidates have done? Your previous tax returns showed you made over $400,000 trading silver bars. Are there more unusual or questionable sources of income in your 2016 returns?

  3. Have you apologized to the families of the undocumented youths that you handed over to ICE as Mayor of San Francisco? Do you regret establishing that policy immediately after announcing your candidacy for Governor of California?

  5. What taxes will you raise and what services will you cut to pay the $400 billion bill that SB562 will demand from California taxpayers?

Leadership starts with showing up. Being a candidate for the highest office in the state means facing the scrutiny of voters and showing them what kind of leader you will be.