Hon. Fabian Núñez: I support Antonio for Governor

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At this crucial moment, California needs leaders who can do more than just talk about problems. We need leaders with the courage and compassion to solve them.

That’s why I strongly support Antonio Villaraigosa for Governor – and I hope you will join me by giving him your personal support.

As a candidate for Governor, he is reaching out to every corner and every community of this state – giving voice to everyone, particularly those who have been left out of our political discourse and, frankly, left behind by our economy.

Antonio has the courage to stand up for the most effective policies, not the politically expedient ones. During his days leading the ACLU of Southern California, he fought to break the school to prison pipeline. As Speaker of the California State Assembly, he pioneered the Healthy Families program, which provides health insurance to hundreds of thousands of children. And as Mayor of Los Angeles, he made improving public schools his highest priority.

The results and his record speak for itself:

  • As Mayor, he closed a budget gap and dramatically lowered crime rates while investing in hundreds of miles of new transit, new affordable housing and better public schools.
  • As Speaker, he stood up for immigrants and fought against attacks on our friends and neighbors – well before it was popular politics.
  • More than a decade before progressive ideas like marriage equality or sensible gun control won the support of most politicians, Antonio was a leader – introducing a comprehensive assault weapons ban and clearly standing up early for marriage equality.

As a former Speaker of the Assembly myself, I know just how hard it can be to stand up to both political friends and foes to put the interests of the people first. It takes guts, and Antonio has what it takes to consistently fight for, and win, progressive policies to move our state forward and bring our state together. Antonio tells it like it is. He stands up for what matters – whatever the political consequences.

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