NEWS: Newsom Works in Tandem with Trump to Elevate John Cox While Pro-Newsom IE Violates California Campaign Law

NEWS: Newsom Works in Tandem with Trump to Elevate John Cox While Pro-Newsom IE Violates California Campaign Law

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For Immediate Release
March 24, 2018

As Newsom Campaign Works in Tandem with Trump to Elevate Right-Wing Republican John Cox; “IE” Supporting Newsom Violates California Campaign Law by Not Disclosing Support of Cox

Villaraigosa’s Campaign Files Complaint with Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC); Newsom Strategy Jeopardizes Democratic Effort to Take Back the U.S. House

Los Angeles — Gavin Newsom has been transparent about his strategy to lift up Republican John Cox by using his own campaign resources to activate Republican voters with a series of television ads and direct voter contact, including direct texting to Republican voters and party leaders.

Now an independent expenditure (IE) campaign organized to support Newsom has violated campaign law by not disclosing the exact same type of activity – significant spending designed to elevate Republican John Cox.

Villaraigosa campaign spokesperson Luis Vizcaino said: “Newsom has put himself before the Democratic Party’s vital efforts to take back the House. Newsom claims the mantle of the resistance, but he is making common cause with Donald Trump – and laughs out loud when asked about this hypocrisy. The IE supporting him, funded by his long time patrons, is breaking the law.”

Newsom himself has been completely transparent about his stratagem – even laughing out loud and declaring “either one of these will do” when asked at a recent televised debate if he was attempting to lift one of the two top Republicans into the run-off. Newsom also told Capital Public Radio his preference was to lift up a Republican, despite the fact that this strategy will increase Republican turnout in November and make it harder for national Democrats to take back control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Newsom’s political consulting team has also acknowledged this was their strategy in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle.

Newsom stepped up his efforts to help John Cox in the days after Cox was endorsed by Donald Trump, despite Trump’s nearly concurrent statement that immigrants were “animals.”

National Democratic leaders have declared that the road to taking back Congress runs through highly-competitive districts in California. Newsom’s plan to elevate Republican Cox, if successful, will directly undermine the national Democratic effort to fight Trump by taking back the House.

The complaint filed today was against “Citizens Supporting Gavin Newsom for Governor,” an independent expenditure committee, which has been strongly supported by Blue Shield of California, a handful of labor organizations and long-time Newsom benefactors such as Gordon and Anne Getty.

The complaint outlines the repeated failure of the committee to file disclosure reports, as required by California law.

Click here to read the full complaint.