Walking with Purpose #WomensMarch

Walking with Purpose #WomensMarch

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I am proud to stand with you today.

We are grateful to all the women and girls of America for your leadership—and thankful to all the boys and men who support them.

Of course, it is the women who lead the way as we join together in the righteous struggle ahead to protect those we love—and the values we hold dear.

I remember today—as I remember every day—my mother Natalia.  Of course, she would have been here today if she was still with us. She has a smile though, looking from above at her children and grandchildren who are here.

She would have marched with confidence and courage. She would have walked today—as she did every single day of her adult life—with purpose and faith in a better future.

Some of my very first memories are of my mother—I can still hear the sound of her heels on our wooden floor—leaving for work, walking down the street and waiting for the bus to take her to work.

It was the sound of a woman walking with purpose.

Her life was a long and arduous walk to provide for her family, to stand with her community and protect those she loved. She walked to extricate us from a home of alcoholism and domestic violence.

She walked every day so we had food on the table.

She walked so we had a decent place to live.

She walked so we could go to schools where we were valued and where we could succeed.

She walked so we could go to college, get a good job and have a more comfortable life than she did.

She never stopped walking down our street in the morning, onto that bus to work and home again to stand up for her family during good days and bad. She walked and walked and walked.

I walk today in her memory and with her purpose.

Today, we walk for health care for all. For reproductive rights. And for Planned Parenthood.

Today, we walk for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Today, we walk for our Muslim brothers and sisters, daughters and sons, mothers and fathers.

Today, we walk for our immigrant community—for those who crossed borders for peace, for prosperity and for a better life for their children.

Today, we walk for the disabled who deserve dignity and respect from All of us, including our president.

Today, we walk for the rights we have fought for, the battles we have won and the promise that America can and will do better.

Today, I walk for my mother, my daughters, my wife—but also for my sons. Because this cannot and will not be your fight alone. This will be a movement of women and men standing together.

Today is the first day—but we’re following in the footsteps of millions of women who have marched for generations. We thank them and we tell them—this is for you. THIS IS FOR ALL OF US!

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