WEEKLY UPDATE: Breaking News

WEEKLY UPDATE: Breaking News

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Congresswoman Karen Bass completed her press conference in Los Angeles announcing her strong support for Antonio’s campaign for California Governor. Congresswoman Bass is now the third former Speaker of the California State Assembly to endorse Antonio, joining former Speakers John Pérez and Fabian Núñez.

“I’ve known Antonio for over 40 years and throughout his entire career, his passion and mission has been to fight for equal opportunity and be a voice for social and economic justice,” said Rep. Bass. “As a freshman legislator, to his work as our seasoned Speaker of the California Assembly and Mayor of Los Angeles, he fought to improve lives because he believes that everyone should have access to the American Dream.”

“As our next Governor, Antonio will work to lift up our state so that our communities have an equal opportunity at success,” added Rep. Bass. “He’ll work towards a California where everyone is heard and every single one of us has an equal chance to learn and earn. It is with great pride that I endorse Antonio Villaraigosa to be the next Governor of California!”

“I’m honored to have the support of my good friend Congresswoman Karen Bass,” said Villaraigosa. “Education has always been a cornerstone of my agenda. As Los Angeles Mayor, I worked to double the number of high-performing schools, and graduation rates went from 44 percent to 72 percent. It was hard work, and there is much work left to do to make sure Californians have access to the training and skills needed to succeed in today’s economy.”

Congresswoman Bass joins a coalition of endorsers and supporters from every corner of California. Add your name to our growing list of endorsers today!

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Keeping the DACA Dream Alive

President Trump has long been threatening to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This decision will not only decide the fate of hundreds of thousands of immigrants, but will directly impact our state economy. Reports from Washington indicate that a decision could come as early as this week, just as a new report released by an Associate Professor at the UC San Diego shows the significant economic impact of DACA. Reversing DACA could cost California more than $11.6 billion in annual GDP losses. This reiterates what Antonio has often said – attacking immigrants is an assault on our values and our economy.

Stand with us and sign our petition to demand the Trump administration continue the DACA program: Defend DACA Now!

On the Campaign Trail

Last weekend, Antonio attended the California Democratic Party Executive Board meeting in Anaheim where he met with countless state leaders, organizers and supporters. Making sure California elects a governor who knows that true equality starts with economic equality will help shape our own Democratic Party and the national Democratic Party in the years to come. Antonio spent the weekend spreading the word: California needs to come together to create millions of new high-wage jobs, not just in a few small pockets on the coast, but everywhere.

In the News

In case you missed it, Antonio was featured in The New York Times. Read the California Today interview for yourself.

In the interview, Antonio said, “I’ve been talking about the need to focus on an economy that’’ working for more people and building more middle-class jobs. We need to restore the luster of the California dream and make sure that that dream is for everyone, not based on your zip code or what part of the state you live in.”

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