Weekly Update:  It’s Election Day

Weekly Update: It’s Election Day

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Today is Election Day in many communities in California and across the country and the polls are open for a few more hours. The best way to create change is voting.

If you’re in California and unsure if there’s an election in your community today, click here. 

Every election matters – whether it’s for President or local school board. So make sure you’re registered to vote, by clicking here.

In the News

Sacramento Bee: “California’s top Latino candidates face a tougher enemy than Trump: Fellow Democrats.” According to Marcos Bretón of the Sacramento Bee, “It doesn’t matter that Latinos are 39 percent of California’s population, the largest ethnic group, when a persistent political narrative condemning Latinos continues to win elections. The end result contributes to disenfranchisement of potential Latino voters that plays out in election after election… Villaraigosa and de León have a chance to flip the narrative, to turn Latino voters into aspirational voters rather than protest voters.” [Sacramento Bee, 11/05/17]

Los Angeles Times: “Antonio Villaraigosa warns of growing economic disparity in California.” According to the Los Angeles Times, “Gubernatorial candidate Antonio Villaraigosa said Friday that California must take substantive action to address the disparities between the haves and have-nots in the state…’If California is going to resist, as I hear so many people talk about, the best way to resist is to do a better job addressing the housing needs of the state, the healthcare needs of the state and the fact so many people don’t have good jobs to live a better life.’” [Los Angeles Times, 11/03/17]

Univision: “¿Cuáles son las posibilidades de Antonio Villaraigosa en la gobernación de California?” “El aspirante, quien dice estar dispuesto a la lucha contra las políticas de Donald Trump, se muestra en un comercial llevando agua al desierto por donde cruzan los inmigrantes y a los barrios angelinos en los que viven desamparados. Funcionarios como Gavin Newsom, John Chiang y Delaine Eastin también participan en la contienda electoral.” [Univision, 10/31/17]

Voice of the Week

Richard Howell, Nevada City

Sadly, many Americans have lost faith in our institutions. A majority of Republicans were reported to believe that colleges are a greater danger to America than a benefit. People don’t believe the press, their elected leaders, and vilify those who disagree with them.

We need leadership. We need politicians who can articulate a vision of California that works for most. We as a people believe, in principle, in hard work, but don’t ask that of our leaders, our citizens, and our children. Sadly, we’re not likely to change the isolated, angry folks who preach distrust and hatred… Read more here.

Call for Volunteers

Join the Antonio for California Team! We are looking for motivated volunteers who want to join a progressive campaign that is fighting to make a difference in California. There are many ways in which you can help our campaign – phone banking, knocking on doors, hosting an event, posting on social media, you name it. Go to to sign up.