WEEKLY UPDATE: Our Campaign is Growing!

WEEKLY UPDATE: Our Campaign is Growing!

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From rolling out a substantive policy on addressing California’s affordable housing crisis to announcing two of the most powerful endorsements a candidate for governor could earn — this was a week to remember.

Antonio’s proposal to bring back targeted local authority to invest in affordable housing — essentially a modified redevelopment authority — was published in the San Francisco Chronicle and quickly earned statewide attention. When local governments had the ability to invest in affordable housing, they were directing nearly one billion each year into new housing development. The loss of that power is partially responsible for turning an affordable housing crisis into an affordable housing catastrophe. With new safeguards and controls, Antonio wants to bring that power back so local governments can invest wisely in creating new housing for teachers, nurses, police officers, firefighters and many others who are now punished by California’s rising housing costs. You can read Antonio’s op-ed in the Chronicle here.

This past Saturday, former State Senator and Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl announced her endorsement of Antonio at a joint roundtable discussion on creating more green jobs. Supervisor Kuehl highlighted Antonio’s record — from creating more high-wage jobs to cleaning up pollution in low-income communities to standing with her in Sacramento when they both were fighting for powerful causes like gun safety, equal rights and universal health care.

You can watch Supervisor Kuehl’s endorsement of Antonio here:

Supervisor Kuehl’s endorsement came just days after the California Legislative Latino Caucus threw their support behind Antonio in the race for governor – perhaps one of the most important endorsements in the entire campaign.  The caucus highlighted Antonio’s work fighting for economic opportunity and equality. You can read their endorsement statement here. 

Are You In?

Do you want to join Supervisor Kuehl and the Latino Legislative Caucus in support of Antonio? The best way is to make the most generous contribution you can afford.

Thank you in advance for helping us turn this into our best week yet!

Voices Submission of the Week

“When it was announced that undocumented young people were going to be given a permit to work and be in the United States, my parents immediately jumped on the opportunity and helped me apply. I was excited to be able to work and help them financially and to be given a chance to be in the United States. I enrolled in Saddleback Community College with a major in Computer Science which later changed to Architecture. I currently go to school and work in retail and as a math tutor/babysitter. I pictured my future working in a firm and maybe later as a self-employed architect and make my family proud.

After the current DACA news, all my plans for the future seemed distant again. I’m not sure what we’ll do if it is cancelled since I would not be able to work or reside in the United States. Going back to Tecate sounds very intimidating because we would be forced to start over, especially my little sister. I don’t really see a future in going back since the financial situation over there has worsened since we left and that’s terrifying. I hope and pray that everything turns out alright and that all of us fighting for this right succeed in doing something. I and many others are only here to work hard and become something important for our families and ourselves, not to hurt this country.” — Ana Perez, San Juan Capistrano

In the News

“Solving our state’s growing housing crisis will take a sustained commitment and creative thinking. But when it comes to giving local governments the tools they need, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Let’s bring back a reformed redevelopment agency system to help fund the creation of affordable housing.” — San Francisco Chronicle, 9/27/2017

“The Legislature’s California Latino Caucus on Wednesday endorsed former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for governor. While expected, the nod from the politically influential caucus is a boon for Villaraigosa, a former Democratic Assembly speaker and the only major Latino candidate running for governor.” — Los Angeles Times, 9/27/2017

“La poderosa bancada latina en la legislatura de California dio su apoyo a Antonio Villaraigosa para ser el próximo gobernador del estado. ‘El caucus latino está orgulloso de respaldar a Antonio Villaraigosa para gobernador’, dijo Ben Hueso, líder de la bancada latina y senador demócrata de San Diego. Y recordó que cuando fue presidente de la Asamblea y alcalde de Los Ángeles, Villaraigosa trabajó para fortalecer la economía, ampliar el cuidado de salud, mejorar nuestras escuelas e invertir en proyectos de infraestructura estratégica que crean empleos para la clase media.” — La Opinión, 9/27/2017