Weekly Update: Powerful

Weekly Update: Powerful

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Happy Halloween!

We have a treat for you today. The press has called our new launch video “powerful” and the reaction has been just that. The video shows why Antonio fights so hard to give back to the state that has given him so much. If you haven’t had a chance to see the video yet, you can watch it here:

And please – make sure to share this video on Facebook and Twitter so hundreds of thousands more Californians can see it.

More Powerful Political News

Two key political announcements have clearly added even more power behind Antonio’s campaign. First and foremost, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced he is not running for governor and is instead forming a new nationally-focused 501(c)3 committee to focus on key issues. With Los Angeles county accounting for more than 25% of the statewide vote, the announcement from Mayor Garcetti clearly helps clear Antonio’s own core geographic base of support.

Also, potentially important on the political front was the announcement from California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León that he will run for United States Senate, meaning one more high-profile statewide Latino candidate will be drawing new voters to the polls. One political data expert noted at the time of Senator de León’s announcement that only two California candidates have a demonstrated history of pulling Latino voters so effectively that they exceed their registration numbers – Antonio Villaraigosa and Kevin de León. They are now together on the same June 2018 ballot.

Debates Show Clear Differences

For the first time, all four Democratic candidates for governor shared the stage at the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) gubernatorial debate. Just two days after the NUHW debate, Antonio met Gavin Newsom, John Chiang and Delaine Eastin again at a San Francisco Chronicle forum.

While some of his opponents tried to “reframe” (duck) tough questions, particularly on issues like how they would pay the $400 billion price tag for SB562, Antonio wasn’t afraid to honestly answer all the questions put to him. “We’re not here to reframe the questions, we’re here to answer them,” Antonio said. You can watch the San Francisco Chronicle forum here: 

In the News

Villaraigosa Contrasts Himself from Newsom by Talking About “The Other California.” According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “Villaraigosa will draw the contrast between Newsom, the privileged friend of the wealthy Getty family, and his own upbringing in the City Terrace area of east Los Angeles, where his mother raised him after his abusive, alcoholic father abandoned the family. He will be talking about ‘the other California,’ away from the wealthy coast, the one where 20 percent of people live in poverty.” [San Francisco Chronicle, 10/29/17]

San Diego Union-Tribute Editorial Said Villaraigosa “Benefits from More Credibility” on Education and Credited for “Act of Political Courage.” According to a San Diego Union-Tribune editorial, “…when it comes to improving public schools — and helping the 1.3 million English language learners who make up more than one-fifth of all students — Villaraigosa benefits from more credibility. His decision while mayor to take on the leaders of the United Teachers Los Angeles — a union local he once worked for as an organizer — was an act of political courage by a powerful California Democrat. He saw teacher job-protection laws leading to schools in poor minority neighborhoods being filled with struggling teachers and concluded that it was unacceptable. Like the ACLU, he believes how Los Angeles Unified treats its high-need students violates their civil rights. In a party that touts its commitment to social justice and determination to protect Latinos from hostile forces, it is stunning that Villaraigosa amounts to a lonely voice.” [Editorial, San Diego Union Tribune, 10/27/17]

San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board: “Villaraigosa’s line rang more true: ‘Kids have a right to a decent teacher.’ Just as voters have a right to real talk, not rhetoric.”According to a San Diego Union-Tribune editorial, “The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board shares the Democratic candidates’ views that teachers are among the most important people in California and deserve our thanks and appreciation. But their unions have built such power that the balance between teachers’ interests and students’ interests is lopsided. Newsom’s one-liner — ‘teachers are sick and tired of being treated as sparring partners, not working partners’ — is more of a laugh line than an applause line. Villaraigosa’s line rang more true: ‘Kids have a right to a decent teacher.’ Just as voters have a right to real talk, not rhetoric.” [Editorial, San Diego Tribune, 10/24/17]

The Hill: Villaraigosa Has Potential Base of 68 Percent. According to The Hill, “Villaraigosa brings some serious potential support to the campaign. Adding the black population (8 percent) and Asian population (13 percent) of Los Angeles County, Villaraigosa has a potential 68 percent of Angelinos to work with, as he did when he built a coalition that elected him mayor of Los Angeles – the first Hispanic mayor of Los Angeles since 1872.” [The Hill, 10/18/17]

Voice of the Week

“The housing crisis in Los Angeles is a BIG problem. Middle class families like ours are being pushed out of the city by extremely high rent prices. Something must be done to help people be able to afford staying in Los Angeles and to solve the homelessness crisis here. Build affordable housing now. Enforce rent control on properties now.’ – Faith Strongheart, Los Angeles

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