Weekly Update: Reach Out a Helping Hand

Weekly Update: Reach Out a Helping Hand

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It’s hard to believe that only a week ago a Las Vegas gunman opened fire on the Route 91 Harvest country music festival, killing 58 people and injuring hundreds of others. This came at time when Puerto Rico is still struggling to recover from Hurricane Maria, and today, fires are raging in both northern and southern California. Right now, we need leadership, and we need leaders who reflect the best in all of us by reaching out a hand to help our fellow Americans.

There are many ways you can reach out and help:

•   Red Cross:

•   Napa Valley Community Foundation:

•   Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief:

•   National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters:

•   Las Vegas Victims’ Fund:

•   Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence:

Endorsement of the Week

This week, former Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina added her name to the long list of elected and community leaders throwing their support behind Antonio and his campaign to become California’s next governor.

“Decision-making leadership is the reason I am endorsing Antonio,” said Supervisor Molina. “As Mayor he made tough decisions in the best interest of the entire city, decisions that created financial stability for the long term. That is the kind of courage we need to lead this state and prepare for the future, whether it’s threats from Washington D.C. or special interest control. Antonio Villaraigosa is a proven leader with a long list of accomplishments including education, environment, healthcare and transportation.”

Add your name to the list of endorsers:

Voice of the Week

April Jones

“It’s time to reconsider and evaluate the constitution on gun laws. The right to bear arms came about during a time where this country was very different and at war with the threat of invasion. We are no longer living that way anymore. So with evolution, comes change. Yet we are still living by the same rules in the 1700’s that don’t apply anymore in 2017.

Unless you are in a job that requires guns like the military, hunting for food or living/working in wildlife, then why does every American need to own a gun? If there were less guns in this country, there would be less violence. This has been proven by other countries who currently live without every citizen owning a gun in their society.

The only way we are going to ever make the streets safer, is to not make available to everyone the tools that are used to kill, period. We are not animals and it’s time we stop living like one.” – April Jones, Perris

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On the Campaign Trail

It’s been another busy week for the Antonio for California campaign as Antonio travels up and down the state. Last week, he was in Sacramento and spoke about early education at the Advancement Project California “Birth to Five Watercooler Conference.”

He was also in Lancaster for the expansion of the BYD Coach and Bus manufacturing facility. BYD is an industry pioneer and leader in electrified transportation. This is a shining example of how we can bring together our goal of continuing to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions while creating jobs and lifting more families into the middle class.

From Lancaster, Antonio went to Del Mar for a gubernatorial campaign forum with John Chiang, Delaine Eastin and John Cox hosted by the Latino School Boards Association.

In the News

“Villaraigosa credits his mother and a longtime school counselor, the late Herman Katz, for encouraging and motivating him to finish at a time when the graduation rate was just 25 percent. Still, he doesn’t sugarcoat his progress up to that point, noting his grade-point average was 1.4. Villaraigosa would go on to East Los Angeles Community College, then UCLA, thanks to affirmative action. He may have come in through the back door, Villaraigosa said in a familiar refrain. ‘But one thing is for sure, I left through the front.’” – Sacramento Bee, 10/05/17

“Antonio Villaraigosa wants to give big-city California mayors control over their local schools – a power he strived for as mayor of Los Angeles but could never fully attain. ‘When one person is ultimately accountable, then they get elected or defeated at the polls based on that accountability,’ Villaraigosa told Capital Public Radio in an interview Tuesday after appearing at a conference on early education in Sacramento. ‘What we have currently is a situation wherein too many of these cities, you’ve got seven people (on a school board) who aren’t accountable to success.’” – Capitol Public Radio, 10/4/17

“Antonio Villaraigosa, candidato a gobernador de California, espera recibir un gran apoyo de los hispanos cuando el próximo año se elija al sucesor de Jerry Brown en la silla del estado dorado.” – Al Rescate

“Villaraigosa claimed Newsom has essentially flip-flopped in his support for California’s high-speed rail, saying he was ‘for it, before he’s against it, and then he’s for it again.’… We found Villaraigosa pointed to key evidence, particularly the 2014 radio interview, that shows Newsom’s stance had shifted, at least for that moment in time…We rate his claim Mostly True.” – PolitiFact, 9/29/17