WEEKLY UPDATE: Two Inspirations

WEEKLY UPDATE: Two Inspirations

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Today, we are releasing Chapter 3 of Antonio’s “Life Stories” series, featuring poignant moments of Antonio remembering mentors and inspirations like his grandpa Pete and Herman Katz, a teacher who kept him on the right track.

Our series of videos has now been seen by more than one million Californians.

You can help us reach a million more before the end of the year by contributing just $5, $15, $25 or more right now, which we will earmark to help promote these videos to California voters.

We know when voters learn about Antonio’s history, values and accomplishments they join this cause. The polls show it – Antonio is surging. Please help us get this story out by making your contribution right now

A Civil Discourse on Important Issues

Here at the Antonio for California campaign, we know that this campaign is about making sure that every Californian is heard. That’s why today we are launching our partnership with Gell, an online platform, which “brings people together through civil discourse on issues that matter.”

We’re giving our closest friends and supporters a sneak peek. Take a look and let us know what you think about some of our policy ideas. Do you think bringing back local redevelopment agencies will help alleviate the housing crisis? Do you agree that we need economic prosperity zones by region? Tell us what you think!

Join the discussion here.

In the News

KUSI: Villaraigosa Gets the Endorsement of Dr. Shirley Weber and Talks About Education

[VIDEO] Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and San Diego Assemblymember Shirley Weber sat down with KUSI’s Jason Austell to talk about what changes need to be made. [KUSI, 12/04/17]

San Francisco Chronicle: “Poll: Gavin Newsom’s lead evaporating in California governor race”

“It appears that former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is continuing to eat away at Lieutenant Gov. Gavin Newsom’s lead in the 2018 California governor race. A poll released earlier this week by the Public Policy Institute of California found that Newsom still leads the field with 23 percent of the vote, but Villaraigosa, who came in second place with 18 percent, has cut Newsom’s lead to just five percentage points.” [San Francisco Chronicle, 12/2/17]

The Stanford Daily: “Former LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa talks state of politics, immigration”

Antonio Villaraigosa (AV): Our immigration system is broken: We need to fix it. We need to take responsibility for what we’ve created in this country, which is an immigration system that — no matter what side of the aisle you are on — most people believe is broken. DACA arose out of a broken immigration system. We had all of these young people who came with their parents [and] know no country other than this one, and they were treated as if they had crossed without documentation. We weren’t taking advantage of their talents and their energy, of their willingness to work. So DACA came out of this, not just a broken immigration system, but the failure of both parties to fix it. [The Stanford Daily, 12/1/17]

La Opinion: “Unir a las dos Californias para que prosperen”

“El desafío al que se enfrenta California en los próximos años es asegurarse de que la abundancia se extienda a cada parte de nuestro gran estado para que todos podamos progresar económicamente.” [La Opinion, 11/30/17]