WEEKLY UPDATE: Under the Bed

WEEKLY UPDATE: Under the Bed

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Today, we’re launching the emotionally wrenching Chapter 2 of our “Life Stories” video series. In “Under the Bed,” Antonio talks about growing up in City Terrace, in a home of alcoholism and domestic violence. He describes a heartbreaking moment, hiding from his father under the bed, and how his childhood motivates him to stand up and speak out today. Watch Chapter 2 here.

33 Days

We are just 33 days from our fundraising deadline, and we need your help! When we got into this race, we knew it would be hard catching up to opponents who have been running for years, but we’ve been so heartened by the overwhelming support we’ve received. We need to keep this momentum going, and one way to do that is to have a strong showing in this fundraising period.

Please consider making a contribution today. Any amount helps. Whether it’s $5 or $5,000—every dollar goes toward our mission to give voice to all Californians.

In the News

Los Angeles Times: “L.A. City Council President Herb Wesson endorses Antonio Villaraigosa for governor”

“Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson endorsed Antonio Villaraigosa for governor on Monday, telling a group of underprivileged and minority youths that it was critical to elect a man who understood their struggles and would take their values to Sacramento. ‘Rarely do we have an opportunity to get behind somebody that’s walked the streets that we walked, that has faced the challenges we have faced, somebody that can relate to us, somebody that understands us,’ Wesson said, speaking at Homeboy Industries in downtown Los Angeles. ‘And that’s my dear friend, my dear buddy for almost 30 years – Antonio Villaraigosa.’” [Los Angeles Times11/20/17]

Los Angeles Sentinel:
 “Wesson joins with three former California Assembly Speakers: Karen Bass, Fabian Nuñez and John Perez in backing Villaraigosa.”

“Former California Assembly Speaker and current Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson recently announced his support for Antonio Villaraigosa for Governor.  Wesson joins with three former California Assembly Speakers: Karen Bass, Fabian Nuñez and John Perez in backing Villaraigosa. ‘Antonio is a man who leads with conviction,’ Wesson said. ‘He says what he means and means what he says and will be a champion for Californians in the fight against destructive Trump-era policies.’ Throughout their careers, the two leaders have worked to increase education and career opportunities in disadvantaged communities to help working families and at-risk youth find a path to economic equality.” [Los Angeles Sentinel11/23/17]

EdSource: “Villaraigosa Said Preschool Is a Right Every Child Should Have and Not Just a Privilege for Some.”

“Villaraigosa said preschool is a right every child should have and not just a privilege for some. Children who are often left out are ‘disproportionately poor and disproportionately people of color,’ he said. ‘We need to make sure those kids have the resources they need to compete with those who grew up in more affluent homes,’ he said.” [EdSource, 11/20/17]