Because of the DACA I am so blessed to say and write this right now, that I have received my permanent residency green card JUST two days ago. The DACA was a most crucial and essential part of this entirely long and exhausting and stress-full process in attaining my green card.
With out the DACA I would have NEVER been able to visit my motherland for my very first time this past December and meet my biological father along with my enormous and beloved family. Through the DACA I was able to work and contribute to this country which is the only one I know. I was able to succeed and progress in my education and move up with those around me who are also competitive and worthy of receiving benefits.
The DACA protected me and it allowed for a good safety net to ensure LEGAL work authorization. I am beyond sad about this removal that TRUMP has done. He has no idea how many people have been affected.

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