April Jones

Unemployment has been the same since 2004 over 12 years. Yet rent has sky rocketed since 2004 along with the price of gas, food, cost of a phone, medical bills, etc. This is horrible. There needs to be an increase in benefits to keep up with inflation. $450 dollars is not enough and the amount of work and money I put into the system does not match the unemployment benefits I receive. I work in the entertainment industry sometimes 18 hrs in a day so when I finish a show, the studio does not always have work so I depend on unemployment benefits to help me through these times until I get on another show. This is crucial to my survival otherwise I could not do this work but my rent has doubled since 2004 and so has my phone bill, food, among other things. The cost of living in California is ridiculous! So It is increasingly harder to live off of $450 a week now like I did in 2004 so please can someone look into this. This needs to change! An increase to $650-$700/week would be more ideal.
My second issue is health insurance. It sucks! I cannot afford it, not even the Obama care. To be penalized for something I cannot afford, is ridiculous! Not to mention, I was denied health care when I applied for Obama care 3 yrs ago when I was told no one could be denied. So I go without medication and when I am sick, I wait until the last minute to see a doctor b/c I can’t afford the bill. My mother died this way and I find myself walking the same path as her, not able to do anything about it. I am scared! Healthcare should be a basic human right, not an exception for only those who are rich or lucky enough to afford it. I don’t understand why this is such a hard concept for mankind in this country. It is not difficult to understand in countries like Canada and many more. We are suppose to be the most super powerful country in the world but we don’t take care of our own. Yet we are in other countries giving them FREE aid when we have people dying RIGHT here on our own soil simply because they have no health insurance and can’t afford it. How is this possible? This country is imploding – self-destructing from within. We don’t have to wait for Korea or any other country to do it. We are doing it to ourselves every single day.
My third issue is gun violence. Its time to reconsider and evaluate the constitution on gun laws. The right to bare arms came about during a time where this country was very different and at war with the threat of invasion. We are no longer living that way anymore. So with evolution, comes change. Yet we are still living by the same rules in the 1700’s that don’t apply anymore in 2017. Unless you are in job that requires guns like the military, hunting for food or living/working in the wild life, then why does every American need to own a gun? If there were less guns in this country, there would be less violence. This has been proven by other countries who currently live without every citizen owning a gun in their society. The only way we are going to ever make the streets safer, is to not make available to everyone the tools that are used to kill period. We are not animals and its time we stop living like one.

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April Jones

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