Me and my family have been in California all my life and love the diversity and the people and places.
I wish there was help for our disabled. They worked all their life and deserve to live a life without having to worry about housing or how they will buy their food.
I’ve worked for the government many years and see this everyday and wish they were more protected and had more help for housing and that food was given not only to help families but help those living with disabilities – physical and mental. So many are depressed and not getting the help they need. I feel when you work so hard and become disabled whether its mental or physical there’s got to be a plan in place, too many are dying.
Housing is so expensive there’s people living in hotels without food. I am a U.S. citizen struggling to have a place to stay and put my son through college and barely make it. Dealing with my disabilities is hard enough but not having housing or food makes matters worse especially when I have worked hard since I was 13 years old. I have hope in California.

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