A fond memory of you I’ll always remember:

It was 2008, Prop 8 had just passed and our community was dealing with indescribable pain. Even as our country had voted for a progressive president, our own friends and neighbors had voted to strip us of our rights, our recognition, and our humanity.

On November 15th, the day we were scheduled to rally downtown, a terrible fire broke out in Los Angeles.(Wikipedia says it was the Sayre Fire.). The fire was the worst in decades, there was smoke in the air, and a lot of gay people stayed home.

It was an emergency. The smoke was so thick. You could have canceled. You could have skipped your speech and spent the day looking like a tough guy on TV. Voters love that. And they had just voted for Prop 8.

And you did what very few allies had the guts to do. You chose us. You stood up for us, even at the cost of your own political capital. You recognized that we were going though an emergency, too. And you spoke.

So I’ll always remember that.

Thank you

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