Hi, I’m one of the 800,000 dreamers going through this process. It’s my second time trying to renew my application for DACA.
I’m a mother of 4 wonderful citizens of the US. I came to the United States when I was 3 years old. I don’t know Mexico, and deportation is such a scary thought in my family that my son who is 11 yrs old sometimes cries thinking that I can be taken away from him..
I had a great job that recently let me go due to the fact that I haven’t received my renewed ID yet..
Its a struggle not being able to help my husband, a US citizen as well, pay bills and enjoy the America Dream like many others.
I pray that we can continue this program – and hopefully I can get my ID back so I can go back to work, it’s been 5 months now. Its hard but I will not lose hope.

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