I am a native Californian and my husband is from Pennsylvania. We were married almost one year ago,(August 20th is our anniversary), and we are the newest voices needing to be heard. I promised my husband that we Californians are progressive, humanitarians, stand up for those who cannot, and we are fighters! The one thing I love most about our great state is our ability to see through the Washington BS, and do what WE KNOW is the right thing to do. We come together BECAUSE of our diversity, we even embrace it! We love that our state is multicultural and we celebrate and support our differences.

We Californians support our diverse state and appreciate all those immigrants who help, sometimes more, to uphold our values of being inclusive and NOT divisive. We know that the “orange turd” is racist, mysoginistic, an islamaphobe, and EXTREMELY divisive. We know that we will NEVER ALLOW that to happen in our great state. People can say what they like, I love my state and ALL the great people who have made it possible for my husband and I to be a proud gay couple living in the most progressive, wonderful state in the Country.

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