My family (parents & sister) and I moved to the United States in 1994, 4 weeks before my 10th birthday with my younger sister (7 years old), and my mom who was pregnant at the time with our youngest sister.

I am now a mommy and a step-mommy myself, a College student at CSUF working on my Psychology degree part time, and an full-time working-single-mom.

I became a U.S. Citizen as of August 11th 2016. I cried with joy. Literally. I felt soooo proud to be “an American” …on paper…like everyone else I grew up with. (I had already been an American in every other way).
But, unfortunately, the road to citizenship for the place I call home was way too slow, way too difficult, too sad, too expensive, all the while people would ask why I wasn’t a citizen already.

Because our immigration system is made to keep us “undocumented” as long as possible! It is not broke, it was made that way – so that immigrants can’t succeed as quickly as we want to. So that an entire race is kept down and below another.

I love my home: here. I’m am a proud Mexican-American woman. But just like with my son, I see where our areas of improvement are. My love for my home doesn’t blind me from seeing those areas.

When people ask me which place do I love more, Mexico or the United States? I say, it’s like asking you to choose between your parents or between two children: you can’t. You love hem both and are proud of both and would do anything for both.

The United States is my home, my life, my world, my heart, the land where my son was born, the land when’re I grew up, and Mexico runs in my blood, it is the land where I was raised.

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