1. As both teachers & business owners, comprehensive education reform is of the utmost importance to us. So many students are so very woefully underserved and undereducated. Our classes are overcrowded and our schools are underfunded.
Both students & teachers deserve better. How can California expect to compete if we don’t better prepare future workers and leaders? High school diplomas & degrees mean nothing if students aren’t actually proficient in subjects such as basic math and basic English. This seriously compromises the future class of employees for companies hiring in California.
2. We’re new entrepreneurs and it’s not easy establishing a new business in this state. There needs to be a dedicated state office specifically for burgeoning entrepreneurs, to help guide them through the various aspects of starting a new company.
The state should take a vested interest in seeing small businesses succeed because we don’t outsource – we hire locally, which adds to both our local & state economy. Reform both the personal tax code and the business tax code, especially for small businesses. It’s currently a labyrinth and unnecessarily difficult to decipher.
3. Eliminate income tax for senior citizens who are on a fixed income. They’re being double penalized and it greatly hinders their quality of life.
Government can’t & shouldn’t do everything, but it should at least level the playing field so that every Californian can reach their highest potential – that’s how we STAY great!

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