Raul Mejia antonio villaraigosa speak

I am proud to have been raised and still live in the great state of California. The weather, the diversity and the courage to be progressive. It is a real blessing living in a state that protects people’s rights and thus makes it conducive to protect all Californian’s rights.
I must admit, now that Donald Trump, has become president, I fear that so many things that we as Californians have fought hard for, are now threatened under a new administration that is simply not progressive and wants to take away people’s rights that we have fought so hard for. The new administration creates an environment where Xenophobia can be encouraged and people who work hard, who contribute to our wealthy economy, now face the reality of being deported. People who are dreamers, who aren’t criminals and contribute to The Great State of California, should be rewarded for their contributions, not face deportation.

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Raul Mejia antonio villaraigosa speak

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