My California dream began in 1992 when I moved here shortly after graduating university in New York to work for Apple Computer in Cupertino as a software engineer.
A native of New York, I am also the son of an Irish immigrant to America and learned from some Mexican amigos of the great contributions by Irish including Los Batallon de San Patricio’s which gives me great pride and common heritage with Mexican Americans.
I belong to the SF Irish cultural center which has an Irish-Mexican association which celebrates Los San Patricio’s, Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick’s day other cultural and historical events. My father encouraged me to learn a second language because he said that was the norm in the world – and specifically Spanish because it is so widely spoken in America.
I did study it and with help from Latino amigos I think I am functional but not yet fluent. I love living in California and think it’s the best place to live. Viva California!
(The picture is me with my dad who passed away in 2015.)

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