I have been blessed to have been born into a Mexican family: both sets of grandparents from Mexico, my parents born and raised in Los Angeles area, my siblings and myself from Southern California. My family was instilled with a hard work ethic and the ideal that education would provide us all solid foundations and opportunities to be important contributors to our community. My dad was a teacher who started in Watts, then Garfield HS, and then a professor of anatomy and physiology at ELAC.

I had the great fortune of attending UCLA after high school, obtained my MD degree at Stanford and then completed my residency, including being chief resident at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute. I have spent many years in private practice in Long Beach area where I had grown up, later joined Kaiser Permanente where I not only was able to provide direct patient care but was for a time Chief of our Psychiatry Department. I am currently working in community mental health with the most seriously mentally ill adults in our community, many homeless with multiple issues. I am blessed with this vocation and opportunities to give back to my community and State of California which has been so supportive of my family’s efforts to make California our home.

I strongly support and believe in DACA and keeping our state and country open to inviting and nurturing diversity and integration. Without everybody’s contribution and input we would become a mediocre society at best.

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